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Pastor’s Corner

We are almost to the second month of 2018. How are your New Year resolutions coming? We should have recovered from the Christmas and New Year activities, I hope. Lent is just around the corner, starting with Ash Wednesday on February 14th at 6:30 p.m. I know that is also Valentine’s Day, so bring your sweetheart to the evening services as we start the Lenten season in preparation for Easter. To assist you during this season, there are devotionals on the table in back of the church for you to use. Count the forty days of Lent out and you will find Easter this year is early on April 1st, it is not a joke. We will be having a Good Friday evening service on March 30th.

Our District Superintendent Rev. Mark Miller, wrote a nice article about our church for he was so impressed by all that we have done and how hard we work to serve our community. As he has said we should take time to write down what we have done and feel the pride for what we have done. I just want to remind you that this should be a motivator to continue so we can see what else, with God’s assistance, we can do to surprise our community and the world. You can read it here.

This may sound like a strange request, but we are planning to put hygiene kits together to take to the Annual Conference in May and we will need you help getting the supplies for them and putting them together. I was cleaning out the drawers in my bathrooms and found 5 individually wrapped toothbrushes that had collected from my trips to the dentist. This made me wonder if anyone else may have them at home in a drawer? We need a toothbrush for every kit and using the brushes we get from the dentist will cost us nothing. If you find any, please bring them to church and we will get a box to collect them. Twice a blessing, it will motivate you to check out those drawers and someone in need after a disaster will have a brand new toothbrush to use. There will be more information to follow on this project.

I just want to remind each of you that I am here for you and only a phone call away if you need to talk or set up time to talk. As the Pastor, I am here to serve, to guide, to bring ideas and to advise the church, not to tell the church what to do. Remember the church is not a building it is the people who support and attend. Every member has a say in what we do as a church and needs to be heard.
Take care of yourselves and your loved ones. God Bless each of you. He is always only a prayer away.

Pastor Mary Lou



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