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Pastor’s Corner

School starts and so guess fall has arrived. The days are getting shorter and not as warm. Hopefully everyone was able get everything on their summer to do list done. I will admit there are several things still on my to do list, but maybe I can get a couple of them done before the snow arrives and the rest will wait until summer returns. It is time to start on our fall schedule, so if you are interested in a Bible study, let me know. I have left some samples of possible units downstairs on the table for you to look at. We will discuss the day and times for the Bible study as soon as we know who is interested.

The church is collecting school supplies for the Nelle Shean school here in town. There is a list of materials needed in the back of the church (also included in this newsletter in a separate paragraph). We have done this in the past and they are in need of supplies again. I am willing to make a couple of trips to the school with the last trip being at the end of this month. On September 14 and 15, DeEtta and I will be traveling to Park Rapids to participate in a two day training provided by our North Star District. We hope to be able to bring home some ideas we can use as a church.

Also this month we are going to the Drug Information Meeting on Thursday, September 21 at 6:00 p.m. Gilbert’s Chief of Police, Ty Techar will be providing the new presentation. We have hosted one before, had a good turn out and were provided with knowledge that was very helpful in today’s society. Please put the date on your calendar and when asked to help in some way, reply with a positive answer. Also, share the date with other people.

Hopefully you have already have October 18-20 on your calendar marked for the pasty sale. Feel free to invite family, friends and neighbors to join in the fun of making the pasties. More hands means more fun and less work for everyone. By the way do not plan to diet on those days for the coffee treats are so good and so plentiful, just waiting for us on the breaks. I happen to know that we already have some orders.

When you make your school year schedule, do not forget to put Sunday morning services on your personal schedule. The time spent in fellowship is so important for our spiritual growth and the services also remind us that we are not alone for we have the church family to lean on when we need that extra support.

Take care of yourselves and your loved ones. God Bless each of you. He is always only a prayer away.


Pastor Mary Lou 




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