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Gilbert Community Church United Methodist

Pastor’s Corner

Hi! I am Pastor Mary Lou Sixberry, presently I have the honor of serving the Gilbert Community Church United Methodist and the Trinity United Methodist Church in Hoyt Lakes. The Gilbert church is my home church, which supported me through all the process of becoming a Licensed Local Pastor even when there was no plan for me to serve here. They continue to support me as the pastor as I continue my education in ministry.


I entered the ministry later in life, after serving God as a teacher in the public high schools for about forty years. Just like I believed in the small schools for they are able to give more personal attention to students, I also believe in small churches for they are able to provide the feeling of family and I am able to personally know each member. In a small church, there is never a question that every member is important and needed.


I am always amazed at what a small church is able to do, because each member knows that they are important and needed for the church to achieve its goals. Each member has the opportunity to use all the gifts God has provided them in a wide range of areas. Just like the childhood rhyme, the church is not the building, the church is the people, so the Gilbert church is the members and friends of the church. What a blessed place to serve when the church is a family and expresses that love of a family, and I feel doubled blessed.


The Gilbert Community Church UM is a small congregation in numbers, but a huge congregation when you look at their heart and giving. Even members of the local community have called it a giving church. Missions and giving is a large part of who the church is. From the small pantry in front of the church, to supporting local law enforcement, volunteers, schools, and public employees, to making hats and school bags for missions outside of the area and packing hygiene kits for disasters, when presented with a legitimate need the church responds positively as it works with other organizations to meet the need.


The church welcomes people of all ages with a special soft spot for children of all ages. Children are offered a Children’s sermon before they have the opportunity to participate in Sunday school activities downstairs for the rest of the service time. They are able to experience music and craft activities along with Biblical lessons.


The Gilbert Community Church enjoys sharing their love of God with everyone who comes through the doors. Where there is love there is usually laughter, too and there are very few Sundays that laughter is not part of the church’s Sunday morning. I personally believe that laughter is a part of worshipping God, for where there is true laughter, God’s love can be found.


Pastor Mary Lou

Our Schedule


Sundays 9:30 AM


1st Sunday of each Month

Sunday School:

For Children 9:30 AM

Children begin in the santuary upstairs and leave after the children's sermon.

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Please call us at 218-741-1614 or fill out our contact form.


Gilbert Community Church United Methodist

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Welcome to the Gilbert Community Church United Methodist. We are a small family church in a small community with a big heart for Jesus as we serve others in Gilbert, Eveleth, Sparta, Biwabik and surrounding area.
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